Master the Art & Science of Bold Branding and Profitable Positioning For BIG Results
 Monday May 18th 9 AM PST

Get out ya notebooks, big boss!

All the answers you’ve been looking for are here.

If you’ve ever wondered how to brand yourself bold and master your marketing and positioning so that clients line up for your programs with a waitlist around the block, pull up your chair.

I’m bringing you the Art & Science of Bold Branding and Profitable Positioning inside Big F*cking Deal: A power-packed 60-minute LIVE Masterclass, that is available to you right now for FREE.
A replay will only be available for 24 hours, then after that *POOF* it’s gone. Until we package this and sell it as a product on our website — because the information inside is seriously money-making.
I need you to show up ready to pay attention and hungry for change because I’m about to break down branding, marketing, and positioning for you like you’ve never seen before, no fluff or fat.

Whether you’re brand spankin’ new in your online business and need a fast-track to branding, marketing, and positioning

OR you’re a skilled coach/consultant/ service provider but NOT so hella skilled at attracting ideal clients online who are ready to pay you,

This Masterclass is for you!

(Psst: Did I mention? Just for enrolling,
you get entered to win $500 CASH!)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The #1 difference between brands that fly and brands that flop (and the exact steps to bulletproof your brand)🚀
  • My super simple 3-part marketing checklist to ensure you have the pieces you need to generate consistent leads — these steps have landed my clients $120K+ deals!
  • Powerful positioning secrets: How to turn your message into must-read high-value content that transforms leads to paying clients

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the BFD Masterclass Cait?
Monday May 18th at 9 AM PST.
Can't I just watch this inside your Facebook group like the other free trainings you’ve held?
Not this time, sugar! This class is happening in Zoom, teaching style. I want to be face to face with y-o-u so you can get the most out of this class. You must register to get access to the content.
Will a replay be available if I can’t make it live?
Yes, but we highly recommend coming live to get your Q's answered. It costs thousands to coach with me so don't miss this opportunity to talk to me live for free.
If you register now, you’ll be able to access and watch the replay for up to 24 hours. No replays will be sent if you have not registered before Monday May 18th.
Will you offer this again for free?
NOPE. In a few months, Team CSI will have this available for purchase on our website, but this is your only chance to learn from me LIVE, in depth, for an entire hour straight about branding, marketing, and positioning for free.
Tell me about this $500 cash thing.
Straight up as it sounds. I’m running a cash giveaway and every single person who registers and attends the Masterclass live is entered to win! I believe BIG rewards come to those who raise their hands, show up for the work, and put themselves in the environments that catalyze their growth. 

Come Monday right after the class we’ll pick one lucky winner from all who have signed up for the Masterclass. We email you. You send over your Zelle deets. Cash money in your bank.
How do I register for this?
Click the link right here.
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